Restructuring & Insolvency Law

Insolvency is the term used when an entity is unable to pay its debts when they fall due for payment. It is generally used in the context of a company, whereas insolvency for a natural person is generally referred to as bankruptcy in Australia. The effect of insolvency is that a company could be wound up, either by its own will or through a creditor’s application.


Some general indicators of a company’s insolvency include poor cash flow, ongoing losses, overdue Commonwealth and state taxes, dishonoured cheques and unpaid creditors outside usual trading terms.


If a company is found to be insolvent, you might need to consider winding-up the company if you are unable to negotiate with creditors. There are three common options available for insolvent companies:

  • Voluntary Administration;
  • Liquidation;
  • Deed of Company Arrangement.


Early intervention is strongly suggested if your company is experiencing financial difficulty and feel free to discuss about the best option you should take with us.

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