Intellectual Property Law

It is important to think about your branding and trade marks, even in the early stages of your business to ensure that your brand is unique and able to be registered – not all brand names can be registered!


Trade mark registration can be quite a lengthy process. If you are in a hurry to trademark your brand, ask us for help! We have helped countless retailers to sleep easy at night knowing that their most precious intellectual property assets have been protected by a trade mark.


The most general intellectual property matters we assisted with include:

  • Advising on selecting the business name or product name;
  • Conducting searches for brand names and trade marks in Australia or international;
  • Registering business names and trade marks in Australia or international;
  • Maintaining existing trade marks, including renewals;
  • Assigning or transferring intellectual property;
  • Opposing trade marks and issuing trade mark infringement claims;
  • Providing trade mark watching services;
  • Licensing trade marks and copyright,


We can assist with all elements of intellectual property to protect the goodwill in your brand.

If you are interested in engaging us to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 8277 4538 or